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Mineral Hair Straightening

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this article, you will get answers about Mineral Straightening. What is Mineral Straightening? What does it consist of? Who is it suitable for? And other vital information before performing permanent hair straightening.

Mineral Hair Treatment - Correct Plus

Can a permanent hair straightening treatment be healthy for my hair?

Today's markets are flooded with different types of hair straightening treatments. It is essential to know that there are pros and cons to any kind of hair straightening. The effects of some hair restorative straightening treatments are temporary, lasting 2-3 months, and limiting access to the ocean and pool.

There are permanent hair straightening treatments, but they are not suitable for all hair types.

Most hair straightening treatments use harsh chemicals and formalin which are damaging and dry the hair.

With the advancement of modern science, it is now possible to permanently straighten a wide range of hair types without the use of formalin or harsh chemicals.

What Does Mineral Formula Contain - Correct Plus

What does the mineral formula contain?

Mineral straightening unlike other types of straightening, it does not contain harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, ammonia, or sulfur. It can be used safely for all hair types in an advanced formula of high-quality ingredients, which maintains the hair's integrity and restores it. In the mineral formula, a process takes place within the inner texture of the hair that opens the sulfur bonds and makes it in a safe process smooth and uniform and gives the hair a shine and softness that it never had.

With mineral straightening the hair remains strong because the sulfur bonds are not broken in the process but have undergone a constant change to smooth and shiny hair.

Mineral hair straightening is the new generation of straightening that is a worthy and winning replacement for all types of straightening we have known so far!

Benefits of Mineral Hair Straightening - Correct Plus

Benefits of mineral hair straightening:

Mineral treatment is rich in amino acids and increases proteins, shine, and hair elasticity. In addition, it contains collagen molecules, which give anti-aging treatment to the hair and form a protective layer that will help prevent future hair loss and provide a robust and healthy look. Mineral hair straightening treatment reduces the damage caused to hair by chemical treatments, hair styling, and exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Significantly reduces hair breakage by increasing the elasticity of the hair. Reduces unwanted volume and restores split ends.

The combination of technology and nature renews the hair structure, reduces unwanted volume, doubles shine, and leaves hair smooth and shiny from the first treatment!

Suitable for natural hair, curly hair, dry hair, damaged hair, hair that has undergone chemical processes such as curling shades or lightening oxidations, and other types of failed straightening.

There is no need to blow-dry; the hair remains naturally soft and flows even after wash.

The only straightening treatment that glows and the shine does not dissolve.

This is a significant advantage over other types of straightening treatments.

Advantages of mineral Streightning:

- Suitable for all hair types.

- Smoothes and nourishes the body of the hair.

- Glow and shine do not dissolve.

- 100% results.

- No hair loss

- Nourishes dry hair, restores damaged hair.

- Contains no chemicals and no formalin.

Advantages of Mineral Straightening - Correct Plus

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