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From day one of the hair straightening treatment, we were performing various straightening treatments for our clients and each day was a risk of our job as professional hairdressers.  

​It wasn't healthy to breathe in the chemicals every day, the smell of which spread throughout our salon and affected everyone. Although we were unable to breathe, we kept working.


Our professionalism forced us to continue working, up until the point where we decided we could no longer handle it.   In an effort to allow hairdressers to work without risking their health or the health of their clients, we closed the salon and began looking for a solution.  


Our team spent a few years investigating, testing, and optimizing a new formula. Now, we have finally found the change we wanted.

The ultimate formula to enhance the lifestyles of hairdressers and their customers.


This is what we'd like to share with everyone now -

With this new system, you can now provide the best service to your customers and work with complete confidence.

our story


Straight Hair
Straight Hair



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