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terms of service

Welcome to the CORRECT+ website, which is owned and operated by CORRECT+ LLC. (Collectively, “CORRECT+ LLC,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”). Please read these terms of use (“Terms of Use”) carefully before using the services of this site (the “Site”). THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH THE LEGALLY BINDING TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR YOUR USE OF THIS SITE (THE “SITE”) AND THE RELATED SERVICES, FEATURES, CONTENT, OFFERED, OR ANY PURCHASES YOU MAKE VIA THE SITE.

As a condition of purchase on the site, I now declare and undertake that I have the professional knowledge and experience required to use hair care and hair straightening products. I intend to use these products according to rules and established practices of the industry and/or prescribed by law where applicable. I am aware that the use of these products is my responsibility to complete. Accordingly, I now waive any claim and/or demand and/or claim against the Company and/or its representative. I  do not hold the Company and its directors liable for any damages of any kind that have been caused by using the products.

Correct+ LLC offers hair care products and hair treatment only for professional use and qualified professionals designated to carry out professional hair care treatment.

1. The following terms describe your rights obligations while purchasing on our website. How to buy, terms of purchasing, warranty of the products offered for sale on the website (if they have such warranty), date of delivery, methods of picking up, under what conditions you may cancel transactions you have made through the website, etc. vital details.

Please read these regulations carefully and thoroughly, as they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Company. To confirm your agreement to the terms of use and purchase, you must mark the corresponding box on the registration screen, and only then will you be able to switch to the purchasing window. If you do not agree to these terms, you cannot complete the website’s registration process and make your purchases.

2. However, the Company may not allow specific customers to buy products on their website – and this, for any reason whatsoever and even if the customer has previously purchased available products through the website. Without limiting the preceding, CORRECT+ LLC may cancel the entitlement to conduct transactions on their website any of the following:

2.1 If you have acted in violation of the regulations mentioned here.

2.2 If when registering online (sites of CORRECT+ LLC) you have intentionally given incorrect information;

2.3 If you performed an act or omission that may damage the website or CORRECT+ LLC online or other legal entity related to it or any third parties, including customers and suppliers of the Company;

2.4 If you have used the site’s services to perform an illegal act under the laws of New Zealand or to enable, facilitate, aid, or abet of such an act;

2.5 If you have violated the terms of this agreement or the terms of any other online service offered by the Company CORRECT+ LLC.

2.6 If you owe money to the Company CORRECT+ LLC and some companies associated with it (including debt arising from Kenya at one of the chain’s stores) and you did not disrupt your debt, even though the payment was past due;

2.7 If Your credit card is blocked or restricted in any way.

2.8 Any other reasonable cause has been carried out in good faith.
Without limiting the preceding, the user undertakes to perform database operations in good faith, did not use any information obtained without the Company’s approval, and did not exploit a mistake / any failure or data specified in the database.
An unusual mistake in describing any product or price or other material particular shall not bind the Company and/or the Website and/or its suppliers.
​The site may determine from time to time other methods of identification or others.

3. The process of acquiring a product on the site, delivery dates, and pick up of merchandise

3.1 Errors in-stock may happen. Therefore, if the product ordered is not available in stock, the site will provide the customer’s expectation of the arrival of the product inventory. The customer shall entitle at its discretion to cancel the order as specified in these regulations order a product exchange existing stock or wait for the product to be inventory. In any event, they will not have any right to receive any compensation in respect thereof. Nevertheless, the case would be missing an item in-stock company shall have the right to cancel the transaction and of course money paid by the customer to respond and cancel its obligations but does not meet the customer any right to receive any compensation in respect thereof.

3.2 Delay in delivery for any reason does not grant the customer any right to compensation and/or monetary compensation except for the customer’s right to cancel the transaction under this agreement.

3.3 After the customer will receive a purchase order confirmation in his e-mail directly. An order confirmation will include the details of the order and the amount paid.

3.4 After processing the order through the warehouse, the customer will receive an e-mail confirming that his order left the warehouse and is on its way.

3.5 Reception of the product will be only by an adult who is over 18 years old. The customer uses the buyer’s identity cards and uses the identity of the product collection and the credit card with which the purchase was made. The customer or his deserved gather to sign a document confirming the reception and receipt of goods. The Company (CORRECT+ LLC) will not accept the return of products after the reception, except if the customer detects a hidden defect. The customer will receive a receipt under his name.

3.6 It is with this clarified, it is possible to complete a purchase online or by contacting the CORRECT+ LLC customer service center and orally providing payment method details. Still, such investment will consider a purchase on the website for all purposes. It will approve after the customer checks the appropriate box on the site agreeing to the terms and regulations.

4. Prices listed on the website are quoted in US dollars and are excluded TAX, if any, under a law regarding the product and depending on the rate of TAX that applies by law at the time.

5. The Company may, from time to time at its discretion, offer products that are sold on the site or other products at reduced prices and/or discounts and/or various specials and/or provide further reductions.

5.1 Will perform as stated periods, dates, and terms that the Company will decide at its discretion. This constitutes a claim of a customer who purchased a similar product at a higher price than during a discounts period.

5.2 Discounts will apply until the end of the stock and make specific inventory allocated for the discount period and/or the date that the Company decides and/or even for a period that is not limited. The Company may discontinue at any time without prior notification.

5.3 There will be no return, cancellation, or exchange of products purchased as part of special promotions, which will take place periodically on the site. Purchase of a product as part of special promotion is final and not subject to cancellation or exchange, except when the product has a defect.

5.4 Cancellation of a transaction due to a defective product will require the client to restore any reduction received at the time of the purchase.

6. All content found on the site and/or linked to it, including images, graphics, text, logos, descriptions of products, data files, and software, is the exclusive property of the Company and/or providers of it. It is their virtual property. It is protected according to New Zealand and international laws, including concerning intellectual property and copyright. Anyone who transgresses these laws may be prosecuted.

6.1 It is forbidden to make any use of the trademarks found on the site and/or images and information contained therein, as stated above, including copying, reproduction, distribution, advertising, etc., for any purpose without consent prior written consent of the Company or of the right to property and/or of a trademark. It is forbidden to make any use and trademarks located on the site, which can cause misleading and/or confusion to other consumers.

6.2 The store’s computer records concerning the activities undertaken through the site shall constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of operations.

7. Privacy and Security

7.1 On the site information security is’s highest standards of internet information security. We are doing everything possible to protect your credit card information and your valuable data. The site works with PCI-DSS standards, where the money paid by the Surfer is directly transferred to a secure website of a clearing firm so that your credit card information is not stored at all site servers. In addition, credit card numbers and other information you enter when purchasing are sent directly to the clearing firm and not stored on the site in any way. This avoids the possibility of a third party getting your credit card information.

7.2 We respect your privacy. Accordingly, we do not provide, in any case, your personal information to third parties except as necessary to complete the execution of the transaction, the order, and the delivery and/or services you have chosen to purchase.

7.3 We declare that only for your activity online, the site collects and analyzes the Internet protocol IP address) that connects to your computer through the Internet site). This activity allows the monitoring and investigation of illegal activities and protection against fraud attempts.

7.4 Use of Cookies: We declare that when you visit the site server saves text files “cookies,” which improve your browsing experience. These files provide us with information and the ability to improve services and offer you products based on your use. The use of these files is automated and without human supervision. Of course, in the state, the user will not have to provide this information, but it will be impossible to carry out the purchase of goods \ services on the site without these details.

7.5 When it comes to details, the payment method serves (credit card number, bank account number, etc.) will be used, of course, solely for payment and is not transferred to any other party except for cost (e.g., credit card company, bank). Note that credit card details are entered directly to the site of the clearing firm and are generally not found and/or stored in our database so that our Company can not do any use. In addition, the clearing firm company complies with the security most rigorous: PCI DSS Level-1.

7.6 When receiving information about purchasing a product, also made use of that act only for its purposes. The information is not transferred to third parties, except those required to complete the purchase (in the case of delivery will be delivered to the address mentioned in the registration form).

7.7 E-mail addresses submitted by you will be kept by us. It will not have any other use except for completing the purchase for which it was provided and will not be forwarded to another party, such as companies, sales promotions, etc.

7.8 If you are interested in using your e-mail address to notify you about our special promotions made on the site, new products, events, this will be done if you check the box it is provided on the appropriate page of the site.

7.9 Regarding non-identifiable information that cannot be attributed to a specific person (e.g., number of entries, a cross-section of ages, etc. (we use it solely to improve our site to the public and update the conduct of a commercial for the advertiser’s website. In any case, it will not be shared info the ability to identify a specific user.

7.10 Cases not controlled by the Company or resulting from acts of God or deliberate criminal acts of a third party cannot be held liable for damage caused to the customer or anyone acting on his behalf, as a third party will exploit that without permission.

7.11 We can use the information in our possession if we received a court order instructing us to give details or information about you to third parties or disclose the data according to other laws.

7.12 Yes, we can use the information as part of legal proceedings if between us or in a dispute between us.

7.13 Quests are welcome to contact us through our customer service clarification and explanation regarding the receipt of information security and privacy protection on the site,

8. Links on the site

8.1 The more and find website links (“links”) to other Web sites that do not include our stock (such as publications of various advertisers, ad posting, etc.). We clarify that the content and information published on these sites is not known to us, is not under our control, and we have no responsibility. It is issued where the subject and/or incorrect information and/or misleading and/or inappropriate and/or immoral and/or offensive to public policy, including that in which the offending individual and/or group-specific and/or aggravating and/or constitute any offense. Under the law, we are not responsible in any way, shape, or become liable for any damage and/or damage incurred by you or anyone on your behalf as a result. Relying on such information is your responsibility.

8.2 We are also not responsible for entering through links mentioned above to the site secured and/or protected against viruses and consequently not harm. Nor do we guarantee that the links appear active and/or work and will lead you to the desired website or website functional.

9. Advertising Information

9.1 If I did not want to receive information from us, promotional, advertising materials, promotions, and information about activities, through e-mail, a recorded conversation, text messages, regular mail, facsimile, automatic dialing systems, etc. Acceptable means of others by private media provided by the customer during the registration and/or purchasing a product must indicate this in the space provided on the site and as part of the registration process.

9.2 You can always contact the Company and demand a cease receiving such information, by way of written notice and/or in the way information is delivered to you, whichever your choice.

10. Cancellation of a transaction and Returns

10.1 By law, any remote transaction purchase a product, such as a Web site, maybe cancel the transaction under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law – (from now on: the “Consumer Protection Law” in California). We recommend that you read the Consumer Protection Act of California before making the purchase.

10.2 Below, we briefly present the cancellation policy, fully detailed consumer protection law, and they are binding.

11. The right to cancel and methods of Cancellation

11.1 Remote sales transaction of product the consumer may cancel the transaction in effect from making the transaction until 14 days after. Receipt of property or receipt of the document containing the details provided for in Article 14 (b) of the Consumer Protection Act, whichever is later; Cancellation of a transaction will send a message through customer service and ensure receipt through e-mail correspondence.

11.2 A return of the product delivered to the customer will be allowed only if not used. The bottle is closed and locked and only if they are returned to the delivery condition as given customer product delivery status. Returns will be not open or used. In case of return of the product due to a defect complex that will charge a service fee of 5% or $ 30 (whichever is less) and/or fixed by law at the time.

12. The cancellation of an order due to a defect or inconsistency

12.1 In case of cancellation due to a defect in the product or due to a mismatch between the product and the product information as given to you about the product at the time of purchase or for failing to supply the product at the time set at the time of the purchase or for any other violation of terms of the contract between us. We will respond to you that part of the purchase price paid by you up to cancellation within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice and cancel the charge because the transaction has not yet been carried out for the order. In addition, we will supply you with a copy of the cancellation charge and not charged any cancellation fees.
If you receive the product already, you must return the product by shipping and, of course, any other property that you received for the purchase. Must be returned in its original condition as you received it in the presence of the assembly.

12.2 It is essential to understand that the images found on the site are for illustrative purposes only. Maybe a difference between the description and product appearance, as on the site, and its appearance in reality, among other things, due to the restriction to convey an accurate representation through the image that appears on a computer. Therefore, we recommend that you arrive before acquiring the store’s network or to another store that provides the product you wish to purchase, see it in your eyes, and close it up.

12.3 In addition, it may show up in products not imported by these CORRECT+ providers/importers. Commercial information, a description of the product, and its specifications will be brought to the site given to us by the same supplier. In cases where the data comes from third parties shall be the responsibility of the third party. You cannot come to us for any claim, demand, or claim for loss or damage arising from reliance upon or using this information. There is nothing to detract from the law is your right to cancel transactions as described above and under the law in the event of a discrepancy, defect, and the like.

12.4 Cancellation of a transaction automatically cancels any discount and/or right and/or gift from the client in the transaction and client meetings. This benefit is immediately canceling the transaction and/or return of the product.

12.5 Anyway, in case of cancellation of such a transaction, you will not have any right to claim damages for the cancellation and reinstatement. Your request consists of obtaining the money you paid to him time and eliminating future charges.

13. The cancellation is not due to the results of defect or inconsistency

13.1 In case of cancellation is not due to a defective product or not due to a mismatch, as mentioned above, we will get back to you that part of the purchase price paid by you to the date of cancellation within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice and cancel the charge due to the transaction for the orders that have not yet been performed. In this case, we will not charge you any fee except a cancellation fee not to exceed 5% of the product price or $ 30, whichever is lower, plus 3% of the total transaction credit transactions.

13.2 If you’ve got the product, you must return it on your own and at your own expense. If you request that the product be collected from your homes, you will have to bear the shipping fees/collection cost.

13.3 Returning the product will do if it is not used. The following will not be able to cancel the transaction and/or return the product. Must be returned in its original condition as you received it in the presence of the assembly.

13.4 Cancellation of a transaction automatically cancels any benefit and/or right and/or gift from the client in the transaction and client meetings. This benefit is immediately canceling the transaction and/or return of the product.

14. The damage caused to the product

14.1 According to the Law of Consumer Protection, the provisions extract described in detail above, to derogate from of publisher to sue your damage due to the value of the asset has decreased as a result of deterioration in the condition and/or its packaging caused after the product is delivered to you. Therefore, even for canceling a transaction due to a defect and/or breakdown and/or product mismatch, Laura, you canceled the agreement.

15. Product warranty

15.1 Warranty products offered for sale on the site according to the manufacturer’s warranty are provided in respect of each product. Therefore, before you purchase any product, we recommend that you enter the site to meet the warranty conditions specifying the type and duration of the warranty, as provided by the manufacturer relevant to that product. In addition, each product will be provided with specific warranty conditions. For inquiries and clarifications, please contact customer service questions.

15.2 Completion of the acquisition is your statement that I have read the Terms of warranty for the product and got it on you. Warranty terms are an integral part of the agreement between you and us.

15.3 The Company shall not be liable for damages arising out of the use of the product purchased on the site made contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions and/or other use contrary to education that will be given to him by the Company, whether in the purchase and whether timely action itself.

16. General

16.1 On the site service is as he (AS IS) nor will the customer claim and/or demand and/or claim against the Company or any of its agents in respect of the service features, characteristics, limitations, or lack of compliance capabilities, requirements and needs of the customer.

16.2 Any delay or impediment to performing any obligation we have committed in this agreement and arising from the event not controlled by a company from Majeure or natural disasters and/or war, etc., do not constitute a breach of this agreement.

16.3 These conditions constitute the whole agreement between us regarding carrying out and purchasing on this site.

16.4 The law that applies to the use of this site and the conditions of these regulations is only California law. Exclusive jurisdiction is granted to the competent court in California.


17. Contact Information


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us via live chat or contact us.​

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