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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In most cases, people use hair straighteners to tame their hair. However, when needs are permanent, straightening is a much better option.

Permanent Hair Straightening Solution - Correct Plus

Permanent Hair Straightening

Here are some things that you should know

The process of permanently straightening your hair will remove all of the kinks, curls, and waves, leaving it poker straight, super shiny, and much easier to manage. Make sure you read this before you get your hair permanently straightened!

Although it makes your hair feel relaxed, it can also make it feel stressed. Our team is continually trained with technician hairdressers and expert trichologists to give you the best results possible when it comes to permanent hair straightening. The first time you have this service done, your hair may still be left with a tiny number of waves; it all depends on the type of treatment and how curly and frizzy, plus the condition of your hair before the straightening service is performed. The best way to achieve great results with this service is to have an expert regular hairstylist and get the right treatment to get your hair exactly how you desire it to be.

Permanent hair straightening

The process of permanently straightening your hair can be a long one, with many treatments you can choose from. Usually, chemical mixtures are used to break down the bonds that hold your curls, and heat is passed through the hair as a means of oxidizing the chemicals and keeping your hair straight. Unfortunately, some hair types cannot benefit from this treatment. If your hair is severely damaged, you should not straighten it permanently." Your hairdresser can determine whether or not your hair can be permanently straightened by consultation. If your hair can withstand it, then results can be blissfully long-lasting and life-changing. The treated hair is permanently smoother and straighter. Of course, as the hair grows, the new hair will need to be treated – usually every three to six months.

Straightening for Easy to Handle Hair - Correct Plus

Permanent Hair Straightening - Correct Plus

A client complained about her dry, frizzy, curly hair. It took her over an hour, every day, to straighten her hair with a flat iron. As a result, she contacts us for a solution, and we connect her with the closest hair salon in her area, and he does an excellent job providing her with one. Here's what she said - " Finally!!! Straightening my hair has been the most amazing experience! It's amazing - I love it! Thank you very much.”


There has been an increase in various hair straightening and smoothing services over the past few years. The spike in popularity of Brazilian blowouts, chemical straightening, and Keratin smoothing has made permanent straightening the next big thing. Unfortunately, the summer heat means one thing for a lot of curlies- frizzy hair. Luckily for you, we have a permanent straightening package available with the increasing popularity of permanent straightening and the harsh weather conditions.

Getting your hair straightened permanently is not just a one-step process but actually a process with multiple steps. After beginning with frizzy and knotty curls, perfect dead-straight hair takes keratin applications, followed by straightenings with a flat iron and three shampoos and treatments. As a result of all this work, the whole straightening process can take 3-4 hours. A lot depends on your personal hair needs as far as time, cost, and service are concerned.


Straight, easy-to-style hair is achieved with our permanent straightening treatments. You should always take home the right hair care products that your hairstylist suggests. We cannot confirm how long your hair will remain straight without using the right at-home haircare. It typically lasts between 3-5 months when you apply the appropriate hair care following your procedure.

It would be best if you always used the prescribed home aftercare for this service.

This hair service will change your life - your hair will definitely thank you.

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