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Does Coconut Oil Change Hair Color?

Updated: May 10, 2022

The majority of people with colored hair are concerned about how applying coconut oil affects or changes their hair color.

Coconut oil preserves color while it nourishes your hair and scalp. If you want to maintain your hair vibrant and healthy while still protecting your color, there is finally a safe and effective solution for you!

In this post, we will be as open and honest as possible. Before we get into the consequences, let's first go through the advantages of coconut hair oil for your hair. These benefits are relevant to colored hair also.

Does Coconut Oil Change Hair Color?

Before you get too worried, let me explain something: coconut oil does not lighten or darken your hair. Whether it’s dyed or your natural hue, coconut oil does not interfere with color pigments.

Coconut has no stripping or acidic ingredients that might harm colored hair. As a result, there will be no change in hair color.

Another benefit of using coconut hair oil on colored hair is that it makes the color last longer! You may now unwind and forget about your concerns.

The majority of hairstylists would advise you to use coconut oil before dying your hair. This is due to the fact that most hair coloring treatments require bleaching. Bleaching depletes your hair's natural oil, making your strands appear lifeless and damaged.

Coconut hair oil, on the other hand, absorbs the oil and keeps it intact, only to release it after the coloring procedure. Applying coconut oil to dry hair overnight and coloring the following day is one of the most excellent methods to use it. It would have no effect on the outcome of your hair color!

People who dye their hair frequently complain about hair loss. Only coconut hair oil can help them avoid the adverse effects of color and hair loss.

Many hair experts believe this hair oil is the most excellent moisturizer for colored hair. Women who really are aware of its benefits recover quickly from the chemical harm caused by dyes and hair colors.

Does Coconut Oil Make Hair Darker Or Lighter?

Your hair color will not be affected by coconut hair oil. It would not affect the color. It contains no chemicals or commercial products.

It's natural. Don't worry; it'll go away as soon as you apply the oil. When you wash your hair, it will be the same color as before using the oil.

Will Coconut Oil Help Hair Grow Longer?

The bleaching process might be harmful to the health of your hair. In most situations, it leaves strands drier, harsher, and more prone to breakage - but not with coconut oil!

Hair requires nutrients to grow longer and more robust, and without them, you might find yourself having more breakage with less growth.

Coconut oil enters the hair shaft, assisting in healing damage and restoring hair health. When your hair is in good health, it may grow quicker and longer than it ever has before.

If you’ve discovered that bleaching your hair has slowed down its development, there is nothing better than washing, moisturizing, and preserving your hair with all-natural coconut oil!

Impact of Coconut Oil on Different Hair Types

Coconut oil's proteins are beneficial to persons who have fine, silky hair or hair that is medium in thickness. This is due to the ability of that type of hair to store proteins and absorb their advantages.

However, it does not have the same impact on dry hair that splits readily or is sensitive to proteins. Because those proteins are too powerful for your hair, they make it more inflexible, complex, and prone to breaking when brushed.

If you have this type of hair, it does not imply you should never use coconut oil. You can use it, but you should never use it alone. You may combine it with other oils, such as castor oil.

Benefits of Coconut Oil to Color Hair

  • Colors and dyes reduce the hair's moisture balance, and only natural products may help restore the moisture. Nothing is more realistic than coconut oil.

  • Coconut hair oil does not require you to test your hair color or texture before applying it. It is appropriate for all hair types.

  • Coconut oil helps treat chemically damaged and color-treated hair.

  • Regularly applying hair oil at predetermined intervals aids in the recovery of everyday wear and tear.

  • The oil strengthens the hair, strengthens the cuticles, and increases hair volume.


We know that adding coconut oil to colored hair does not cause significant damage. Various people, however, react to hair oil in different ways. You may also speak with a health professional to learn more about the advantages and warnings for your individual hair.

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