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FAQs About Going Swimming After Dyeing Your Hair Black

Updated: May 10, 2022

You've just scored an invite to a pool party or friends going to the beach, but you just dyed your hair and are unsure when you can go swimming after dying your hair.

If you ask yourself questions like "can you go swimming after dying your hair black?" or "can I swim in the ocean after dying my hair?" you've come to the right place.

At Correct+, we specialize in providing high-quality hair care products. Due to our line of work, we often face questions regarding swimming after dyeing your hair, and we thought we should address all the frequently asked questions we get about it.

It's normal to be tempted to take a quick dip in the pool, but now that you've recently dyed your hair, you are worried about ruining your hair color.

Of course, if you've just gotten your hair dyed and decide to jump in the pool, it will destroy the color. So we recommend you go through the answers we provide for the FAQs to know what would be best for your hair.

In the following, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we face about swimming after dyeing your hair. So without any further delay, let's check them out!

How Long After I Color My Hair Can I Go Swimming?

You will need to follow some rules of hair maintenance after you've dyed your hair. As for swimming, you will need to wait before jumping in the pool or swimming in the ocean. The time you need to wait depends on what type of dye you use. So let's check that out!

For Permanent Hair Dye

Whether you got highlights, balayage, or your whole head colored, you will need to wait for around a week before swimming if you've used permanent hair dye.

That means you can't jump into the pool or go swimming in the ocean for at least seven days after you've dyed your hair. This is because hair dyes contain chemicals like developers that color your hair permanently.

However, if it is exposed to chemicals like chlorine or saltwater, it can cause a chemical reaction and ruin the color. If you've dyed your hair from a salon, then make sure you ask them about the time frame before you jump in the water.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you have used semi-permanent hair dye instead of permanent hair dye, your waiting period before joining your friends in the pool is shorter. With semi-permanent hair dye, you have to wait 72 hours or three days before exposing your hair to pool water and chlorine.

The wait is shorter because semi-permanent hair dye doesn't have the same chemicals as permanent hair dye. However, you should still talk to your stylist before diving into the deep end.

Will Hair Dye Run In The Swimming Pool?

There is nothing worse than paying through the nose for a hairstyle only to go to a pool party and see all the hard work running off your head and into the water.

If you don't follow the instructions to protect your dyed hair, you will see it running in the swimming pool or change color due to the chlorine. Here are some common reasons why hair dye runs in the swimming pool!

You Didn't Wait Long Enough.

If you hit the pool or the hot tub before the allotted waiting period, you are bound to see your hair dye running in the water or change color due to the presence of chlorine.

Again, you should wait seven days for permanent hair dye and three days for semi-permanent hair dye. If you follow this rule, your chances of damaging your dyed hair lessen significantly.

Not Washing Your Hair In The Shower After Dyeing

During the first wash after dyeing, many colors usually run out, so it's typically done in the salon by the stylist to monitor the extent of the dye running and ensure what needs to be done for the final look. If you are dyeing at home, then the odds are your shower is covered in hair dye because it runs out in the first wash.

So if you go into the pool before washing your dyed hair at the salon or washing it at least once or twice in the shower, you are bound to see the dye running in the pool because it hasn't gotten the chance to run yet. Also, you should make sure to talk to the stylist before you introduce any water to your dyed hair.

Swimming After Dyeing Your Hair Black

So, can you go swimming after dying your hair black? Dark colors like purple, red and black usually run more in water than other colors. Also, there's the lingering risk of damage or running to the color when exposed to chlorinated water.

To prevent excess running or damage, you should wait the allotted period and introduce protective measures against chlorine. You should, however, talk to your stylist about the chosen hair color and what you need to do to ensure the best results.

Is Chlorine Bad For Dyed Hair?

You should know that chlorine was responsible for it if you've ever seen a blonde, natural or dyed, end the summer with green-tinted hair from the pool or see someone with lighter highlights with green streaks. This is because the dye chemicals react with the pool's chlorine, which gradually alters the hair color.

Is Chlorine Bad For Dyed Hair - Correct Plus

The color is usually a greenish tint, but that depends on the shade of hair. However, it happens over a long period, so you may notice it happening if you are a consistent swimmer or spend much time in the pool.

Chlorine can also dry out your hair, especially if it's dyed. That means that your hair becomes brittle and dry over time, creating split ends. The fact of the matter is that chlorine isn't good for your hair.

Can I Swim In The Ocean After Dyeing My Hair?

The answer is no, and you can't go swimming in the ocean right after dyeing your hair. You will need to wait the allotted time. People usually don't think that salt water is bad for your dyed hair, but it is just as bad as chlorine.

Saltwater will lift the color in your recently dyed hair. We also recommend thoroughly washing your hair before going into the ocean to avoid this problem.

Taking Care Of Your Dyed Hair

So that's about it. Those are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about swimming after dyeing your hair. As you can see, you should follow a few rules before you can go swimming in the ocean or pool after dyeing your hair black. Make sure you follow the instructions thoroughly to ensure no damage to the hair.

If you want more tips, tricks, and information about taking care of your hair, then check out the Correct+ blog. We post regularly to help you ensure your hair is in its optimum state.

If you have any questions about dyeing your hair or any other hair care questions, contact us, hit us up on our socials, or drop them in the comments below, and we will answer them all for you.

And with that being said, that's about all we have for you today. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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