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Is Argan Oil After Hair Transplant Good For You [Explained]

A healthy scalp results in healthy hair. If the scalp is troublesome, the hair will be as well.

As a result of becoming aware of this issue, many people who have had hair transplantation realize that they need to use the correct hair products and vitamins that stimulate hair development. Supplements, for example, argan oil, stimulate hair growth.

Now the question in your mind can be, is argan oil after hair transplant good?

Herbal elements, such as argan oil promote healthy hair development and prevent hair loss after a hair transplant. Dermatologists and hair transplant professionals even recommend it.

You must choose a more delicate and attentive shampoo and hair care series when you begin the hair transplant procedure.

Argan Oil After Hair Transplant: Is It Good?

It is really good if you consider argan oil as a post-transplant supplement. You will get natural supplements like vitamins E and B and minerals that will keep your hair intact.

Argan oil is neither a cure nor a preventative therapy for baldness; instead, the treatment can enhance the quality of your current hair in the same way as a good conditioning treatment would.

Hair can seem fuller if it is healthy and well-nourished, so some people believe the therapy might help them stop losing hair. If you use argan oil, your hair will continue to thin since the oil cannot prevent or eliminate the reason for male hair loss.

Benefits of Argan Oil: Before and After Transplantation

Argan oil is a plant oil made from the unique Moroccan 'argan tree kernels.' Argan oil is used for a range of purposes, including cooking, cosmetics, and hair care products.

Argan oil provides a variety of advantages for keeping your hair healthy and nourished, and while it cannot prevent hair loss, it can be a helpful remedy.

The oil makes hair smoother, silkier, and shiner, giving the hair a healthier appearance overall. Argan oil treatment works well as a hair conditioner and may repair split ends (which helps prevent breaking) and calm frizzy hair.

An excellent conditioning treatment is to apply copious amounts of the oil overnight and then wash it out the next day, and you may use a tiny quantity during hair styling to make the hair seem smoother.

Shampoo vs Oil After Hair Transplant

Dermatologists typically recommend shampoo for cleansing and shampooing the scalp and antiseptic lotion/ointment for the donor region. This ensures that the region is cleaned and softens the scabs, which aids healing.

From 2 weeks on, you can apply argan, coconut, or almond oil to the donor area. If there is irritation or dryness in the healing region, using oil may provide some help. After 10-12 weeks, one might begin applying oil to the recipient region.

After hair transplantation, do not use items purchased from the shop since they are not suited. Naturally, you should select items that stimulate hair development. In this scenario, you may give your hair the care it needs by altering your products.

What To Expect After Hair Transplant?

The wound is treated after hair transplantation, and the transplanted region is left exposed. The physician examines and dresses the site of the graft the next day. Typically, 24-48 hours after seeding. Every hour, the first washing takes place.

Hair loss is common in the first 10 days, and you can speed up hair recovery by employing PRP treatment or hair care products containing the active component Minoxidil. Hair growth rate, which varies from person to person, can be accelerated by using items that care for the scalp.

Herbal formulae are commonly used in shampoo and hair care products that are safe and beneficial to the skin. You can utilize Phyto, Bioxcin, Ducray, and Vichy anti-hair loss and hair growth acceleration products.


Argan oil after hair transplant can be an effective option to prevent any additional hair loss. The oil will help you make the hair look silkier and smooth too. However, it is always recommended to ask hair transplant professionals and dermatologists beforehand.

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